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Duronto Technologies can really support you by getting high-quality productive tech resources started as part of your team in a matter of days. Additionally, we also do cloud engineering and custom product development projects.

How do we engage in workforce management?

• Contract Staffing

• Permanent Hiring Solutions

• Recruitment Solutions

• Payroll management/Rebadging

• HR Shared services

• Matrix Organization Management

Staffing competencies

• Java full stack

• DevOps & Microservices

• Open Source UI tech: JS/Jquery/React.JS/Angular.JS/Node.JS

• Testing Solutions (Automated & Manual): Selenium, Cypress

• Cloud Technologies (AWS, Azure, Google, ISV Hybrid Cloud Solutions)

• .NET full stack

• Big Data, DWBI, Data Analytics, (IBM, Oracle, SAP)

• Mobility skills (iOS, Android)

• Machine Learning stack: Python/R, Tensor Flow, Bigdata, Anaconda

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